10 Mobile Development Tools Every Developer Must Have

Tools come in handy in any given field like design, development, business, testing and tracking and more. In today’s article, we’re going to feature some of the best mobile development tools for those who love to code for mobile apps and games.

Nowadays, there’s a rapid increase of users turning to their mobile device for browsing the Web and for doing just about anything. Mobile app developers responded to this increase in demand by developing more and more mobile apps. But in order to create mobile apps and games, mobile developers go with frameworks and editors with a set of useful and powerful features, making the task simple and easy.

Over the Web, there are loads of great tools for developers and programmers to help you create amazing, high-quality web applications for any platform. To help you get started, here are some of the best tools around to help you with your mobile development project. See how they can help you out.



This free service provides the best way for you to build powerful Android apps using its features. You can use or add HTML5 advanced features for building creative Android apps.



AppGyver has introduced a mobile development tool called Steroids, with some awesome features that make it strong as a core native UI with JavaScript. It promotes fast workflow, compatible with PhoneGap, and works smoothly with your database.



This mobile development tool is ideal for creating unique and highly engaging apps for any given platform. Its native SDKs is more powerful for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and JavaScript, making it easy to build awesome apps for all devices.



Tabris is used for building mobile apps in Java. This open source software is written by Java developers, for users to build mobile apps. It provides a powerful user interface that renders native iOS and Android widgets.



This mobile development kit comes with useful tools for mobile developers, allowing them to code, test and debug multi-platform apps. It provides PHP framework for native mobile apps, and the visual studio provides a user-friendly interface to build custom apps without the need to write a single line of code.

Corona Labs


Corona SDK is one of the most popular 2D development framework for building mobile apps and games. It has extensive API libraries, providing all the functions you need, like animation and networking, with a few line of code. It also allows you to publish your app for iOS, Android and NOOK from a single code base.

RAD Studio


This is a great tool for creating speedy native apps for Windows, Mac, and mobile platform. It includes Delphi XE5, C++ Builder XE5, and HTML5 Builder XE5. It also gives your apps an attractive look with VCL styles.



MoSync is an advanced tool for developing cross-platform apps. The standard development kit comes with libraries for common technologies used to shape the future of the Web. It’s largely eclipse-like, with support for C, C++. PHP, Python, Java, and JavaScript. And the great thing is, it allows native apps to be shipped to Android, iOS, iPad, Windows Mobile, Linux Mobile, and Symbian platforms effortlessly. Mobile developers will surely appreciate the genius behind this tool.



LiveCode is a superb open source tool for creating apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It comes packed with cool features, objects, commands, as well as the ability to connect your database effortlessly, add videos, images – anything you want to do. It uses a simple language, a great visual interface, and more.



This mobile development toolkit provides a code base of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS for developing iOS and Android apps. It provides a lot of benefits like creating beautiful cross-platform UI, cloud manager SDK, edit and debug in real time, and a whole lot more besides.

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