10 Podcasts All Web Developers Should Follow

If you drive long distances for study or work, there are quantities of ways to put that travel time to good use. You can do many of the works during that travel time; you can say it as utilizing the time. For instance, you can listen to audio books or subscribe the podcasts to listen to on the bus or train. For podcast lovers or liker’s, there are plenty of great podcasts out there for you to check out.

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Here are some podcasts for web developers that might be interested for subscribing to. Now I am going to discuss some of the best podcasts, if you are a web developer then you will definitely love to subscribe them.

  1. The Web Platform Podcast

The features of this podcast had discussions on developments in the prominent web technologies like HTML, CSS, Ruby, SVG, Polymer etc. Scenes are typically divided a week separated and are an hour long. It’s an O’Reilly Media Partner and thus its listeners can get the discounts on the O’Reilly Books. It also provides the free eBook for data informed product design. It also gives you the details about the resources that help you in your development process.


For Web Platform Podcast, click here.

  1. Iterate

On Iterate, the hosts discussed about the recent technology and trends in the web design and development among themselves. Here and there they meet a visitor about the activities they are included in, their design choices, perspective and different materials inside of the one-hour long scene.

The main motive of Iterate is to bring together the best designers and the app producers in the business to talk about the user interface, human interaction, icon design and user experience with the concept to implementation.


For Iterate, click here.

  1. Developer Tea

Developer Tea is an ideal podcast to get started with; in this you will get very straightforward useful tips like how to size down problems, overcome the fear of missing out and more from developers in 15 minutes episodes featuring guests are longer and split into two episodes as they discuss about the guest’s work and projects.

The Developer Tea mainly focus on the iTunes, because iTunes users have to face many problems they definitely need the user’s guide. And the main thing about this is that it is very easy to understand; it means that the site is very well maintained; you will not found any extra thing on the site. It gives the point to point information.


 For Developer Tea, click here.

  1. The Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots

In this podcast, each week the host is joined by guests who are designers and developers. In which the guests talk about their work, projects, development and design process and also about the strategies behind their product development. The podcast is useful for developers who work closely with designers since it covers both categories. Each episode is approximately half an hour long.

It also provides the sponsorship, for the sponsorship opportunities you have to inquire at thoughtbot.com/sponsorship


For Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots Podcast, click here.

  1. Creative Coding

The hosts share their considerations on programming for creative applications such as gaming, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and so forth. Once in a while they’re joined by different engineers, who examine their most recent work (Scene 34 highlights Eben Upton, the organizer of Raspberry Pi). The normal lengths of the episodes are about 30 minutes. At present there are more than 40 episodes.

You can subscribe the Creative Coding Podcast in iTunes.


For Creative Coding Podcast, click here.

  1. The Five Minutes Geek Show

The Five Minutes Geek Show is uploaded twice in a week by the host of that website. The episodes of this show site runs for a little over 5 minutes, where the host discuses about the development & design process and also gives the advices that helps you to grow as a developer in your life. The topics in this site were cover real life troubles faced by the developers. It also works on frontend and backend development.


For The Five Minutes Geek Show, click here.

  1. Revision Path

This is the podcast which invites a graphic designer, web designer and web developers on a weekly basis. The episodes perform the guests’ projects, work process and inspirations. This podcast was created to share the stories of the African and American developers and designers which make it different from the other podcast. And make it more inspiring than others. The length of the episode is around 45 minutes.

You can found this Revision Path Podcast easily available on the Internet for almost all type of users; such as iTunes, Blubrry, Overcast, TuneIn, Windows Phone Podcast Store and many others.


For Revision Path Podcast, click here.


The episodes of this podcast are around 1 hour long. It is also known as EE Podcast. CTRL + CLICK Cast basically inspects the web for you. We gladly highlight assorted voices from the business’ pioneers and trend-setters, who tackle everything from design, code and content management systems, to culture and business challenges.

In each episode this podcast the hosts are joined by the industry experts with the aim to inspire and teach the audience. A new episode is out in every 2 weeks.


For CTRL + CLICK Cast, click here.

  1. Coding Blocks Podcast

This podcast covers some of the root level of the topics of the development like data, coding and programming practices alongside the discussions on the any current topics. The episodes of this podcast are about 1 hour long. If you work with the SQL and .NET then this podcast will be more useful for you since some of the episodes cover those.

You can listen this podcast on many online places; such as Stitcher, Tech Podcast, Player.fm, PodFeed, Cast Roller, GPodder and many more. You can also subscribe it on the iTunes.


For Coding Blocks Podcast, click here.

  1. Three Devs and a Maybe

This podcast is useful for beginner web developers, especially PHP developers, although the topics are not limited to PHP only. Besides the technical stuff, discussions are also on the daily life of the developers. Each episode of this podcast is about 1 hour long. This podcast has a weekly discussion on all the web development things. You can subscribe it on the iTunes.


For Three Devs and a Maybe, click here.

That’s it, I am done. Hope you will found these podcasts useful and may get excite to subscribe them. If you know any other best podcast for web developers, leave that in the comment section; I would love to know about that. And also for any kind of help leave a comment.

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