15 WordPress Plugins to Prepare your Site for Christmas

It’s a Christmas month, we are very near to the time when the bells rings, snow falls and the Santa takes the center stage. To welcome the Santa and wishing Merry Christmas to the people through your online business, blog or website, I am here going to share some WordPress plugins that helps you to prepare your site for the Christmas.

Some of these plugins let you show a countdown widget, others add Christmas-style to your site, some snowfall impact, a Santa Clause that circles spreading cheer and you can even calendar occasion messages for your readers. Make your website look festive, give it a chance to snow, let it sparkle and let everybody have some good times perusing through it with these well disposed plugins.

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There are so many plugins, each having its own features. Some are calendar plugins, some give Christmas wishes, animations, countdowns, styles, themes etc.

  1. Christmas Advent Calendar

This plugin lets you get the random selection out of the many different Christmas calendar designs, and you can place it on any page or post. This calendar gets activated in December and it supports English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. My Christmas Calendar

This is the plugin which can be activated in your site just with a simple short code. You can display a beautiful calendar on any WordPress post just by pasting or typing a short code of this plugin. It has the ability to adjust the width, height, border and border color, which can make the calendar, fit your layout perfectly.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. Countdown Clock

This is the Christmas countdown plugin. With this plugin you can display a lovely flash countdown clock which is customizable for any event including Christmas on your sidebar. This plugin has available a huge variety of designs, colors and sizes, and you will be able to set the text, date, time and time zone as you wish.


It has the latest responsive countdown, also helps in detecting devices and serves flash, html5, JavaScript progressively. Or you can use the list of preset events like Christmas, summer, Olympics and World Cup countdown.

To download this plugin click here.

  1. Christmas Countdown Clock

This cheeky plugin is going to give you a chance to show a countdown clock that counts down to Christmas Day. A few designs, sizes, animations and foundations are accessible and establishment is super simple.


With this plugin you can range your design according to your requirements. And can set the images and colors of your choice.

To download this plugin click here.

  1. Christmas Countdown Widget

With this widget, an adorable Santa is going to show on your sidebar, counting down to Christmas day and displaying a Merry Christmas greeting to your visitors. It has a transparent background so that it fits with any of the theme perfectly. And the main and exciting thing about this plugin is that it automatically updates every year so that you can leave it there all year long if you want to.


You can use the short code [countdown] to add the countdown to any post or page.

To download this plugin click here.

  1. Holiday Message

Holiday message is a plugin that adds pop up message and a holiday graphic at the top or the bottom of your website. You can choose the colors and the graphics, and can add your own message and countdown which is optional or you can even add a snowfall effect. With this your site will look fabulous and people love to visit and may suggest others to visit your website.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. Simple Timed Content

This amazing plugin lets you to set the content of a post or page to appear and disappear on a specific date, day and or time. After the installation of this plugin you just have to place the simple short code on the post or page on which you want this plugin.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. Ninja Announcements Lite

This plugin shows announcements on your website that can be booked for precise dates. You can setup a pleasant Christmas greeting and set it to show up from Dec 20-25. Your visitors will see it just between these dates and the best thing is you can include your own particular photographs or even media from YouTube.


It has too many features like you can use multiple announcements each with its own settings, insert images or videos into the announcements, change the text color and size of the announcement, and many more.

To download this plugin click here.

  1. Christmas Ball on Branch

This is the Christmas animation plugin. It is a very simple plugin that adds an adorable “Christmas bauble on a branch” animated image to a corner of your website. With this little animation change your website post or page will look decent and attractive. It is very easy to install and configure. And it has 4 corner positions available, so that you can set it to any corner of your website.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. Christmas Lights

This is also the Christmas animation plugin. With this plugin, pretty colorful Christmas lights will be added to the top of your website, giving it the festive and joyful feel. It totally changes the look of your website header style.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. Improved Let It Snow

This plugin changes the whole look of your website. If you want your website to look Christmas-sy, then this plugin will add a beautiful snowfall effect to your page. The plugin admin area is very easy to manage, means if you are new on WordPress then you don’t have to worry about anything you can simply manage this by the instructions that is mentioned in the admin panel.


To download this plugin click here.

  1. Merry Christmas Everyone

This is also the Christmas animation plugin. You only have to check out this one if you want to turn your website into a fun, joyful place where everyone is going to love. Choose between two super cute Santa, and he will be falling, sliding, flying all over your page along with colorful balloons, following the cursors of your visitors and landing on random titles on your page.


Merry Christmas! Santa is flying here with gifts, happiness, candies and snow and much, much more. Come on in and check us out!

To download this plugin click here.

  1. Snow, Balloons and More

This is again the Christmas animation plugin. Do you want the effect of falling snowflakes in your blog? Apart from snowflakes, there are also leaves, and colorful balloons as alternatives. You can even add your own graphics and have them fall all over; it’s all up to you. If you want such an amazing animation on your website then download this plugin and experience this.


To download this plugin click here.   

  1. WP Christmas Class

This plugin is used for scheduled styles or themes. With this plugin you can easily add a custom class to your body tag and setup the date on which it appear and disappear. This plugin can change your entire website’s look and feel during the Christmas season.


In other words, WP Christmas Class allows you to dynamically add a custom CSS class to your body tag during a date range of your choosing.

To download this plugin click here.

  1. WP Scheduled Themes

If you want to schedule a different theme on your website to appear on Christmas day, this plugin will let you do it easily. This plugin allows a WordPress administrator to schedule a different theme to display on the website for holidays or special events for all visitors.


To download this plugin click here.

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