4 Ways to Detect WordPress Themes and Plugins

Detect Theme and Plugin

When I first started my WordPress blog I spent a good amount of time surfing the internet for inspirations and ideas. In the process, I found so many awesome website designs and layouts. I knew some of these sites were built with WordPress, by typing “/wp-admin” to the end of the URL, but the problem was, there was no way to tell what theme was being employed. I spent countless hours browsing the theme shops and emailing webmasters for the information I needed. But that was years ago. Now days, if you needed to know what theme a website is using, there’s a an app for that! Here are the top 4 ways to detect WordPress themes and plugins that a website is using.

What WordPress Theme is That?

What WordPress Theme Is That? is a simple and free tool that allows you to easily detect the parent and child theme a site is using . In addition, it can also detect the WordPress plugins being utilized.

WP Theme Detector

Similar to the one above, WordPress Theme Detector is a free web tool that allows anyone to get details from any WordPress websites including theme and plugin information. This tool takes longer to scan, but will provide you with a more detailed report of the website in question.

The SEO Tools

The SEO Tools provides a whole suite of SEO and other optimization related tools. I often find myself using this site when I need to quickly get SEO and domain information about my sites or other sites. The theme detector can be found here.

WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector for Chrome

This is a Chrome extension that can be installed directly on your Google Chrome browser. Once installed, simply go to any WordPress site, click the little WordPress icon on the top right of your browser to get the site’s theme and plugin information. Very useful extension if you need to do multiple  WordPress theme detections.

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