6 PHP Libraries For HTTP And Scraping Websites

PHP has steep learning curve. PHP is not the easiest option out there to code web project but, there is no other alternative to developers. It is popularly used by web developers for web projects. People are eager to find every reason to hate PHP but, it is the perfect language when it comes to simple freelance project. You can avoid built-in API wrappers and use HTTP in code. Today we have listed six PHP libraries that will help you to scrape websites and store data.

1. Guzzle:


Guzzle is an independent HTTP client for PHP. You no longer need to depend on cURL, SOAP or REST to pull the data. Guzzle serves need of API for communication in old static/dynamic websites. The new websites are mostly dependent on front-end technology. Guzzle is very time saving option for specific projects.

2. Requests:


Requests for PHP humble HTTP request library. It simplifies from you interact with other sites and takes away all your worries. Requests can provide better API wrapper than cURL. Many developers have liked the idea of Requests and they are migrating to Requests for many of their projects.

3. HTTPFul:


HTTPFul is simple, chain able and readable PHP library intended to make speaking HTTP sane. Developers focus on interacting with APIs installing sifting through cURL set_opt pages. This is an ideal PHP REST client. HTTPFul is evolving project. The tool brings many cool features to developers.



PHP VCR helps you in recording test suit’s HTTP integration and replay them during future test runs. PHP VCR assures fast, deterministic and accurate tests. The tool can record HTTP interactions automatically and replay them back to you with little code work. It also supports YAML and JSON for storing data. PHP VCR supports all common HTTP extensions and functions.

5. Buzz:


Buzz is a lightweight HTTP client. You an store and retrieve data using Buzz. This is a great tool for beginners, it helps them learn more about HTTP clients and the way they work in real world.

6. Goutte:


Goutte is an innovative HTTP scraping tool. You can use Goutte to scrape content using PHP skills. You can integrate the Goutte API to scrape/screen websites and code some stuff to extract data as per your requirements.


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