7 Important Advice for Professional Bloggers

Being a professional blogger you have your own advantages; and one of the biggest is that you are your own boss. That means, no headache, no 9-6 office job, you can work whenever you want and however you want. But as everybody knows if there is something good then something bad will definitely exists. Similarly, blogging has few problems.

Especially when you are blogging alone for a long, you lust after for social interaction. If you are working alone you will get bored and switch to many other websites to find fun and something interesting. So it is important for you to go out, and meet people. It will make you active and fresh. And it is scientifically proved that if your mind is in active state then you can write something innovative and impressive.


The point is that don’t let freedom of blogging become your own enemy. Here I’m going to share some tips that I suggest you to follow when writing a blog. Because these are the tips that every professional blogger should knows.

1. Take regular break between works

Always take a short period of break after doing the some work. Taking breaks between works is very necessary to save your eyes from the computer. It not only protects your eyes from computer but also refreshes your mind and after taking the short break you can easily do your remaining work with energy. And as I told above if your mind is fresh and active you can write something new and innovative.

For example, take a two minutes of break after working half an hour and take 10 minutes of break after working an hour. By doing this you will always stay active. Don’t try to work continuously, if you do then it will harm you. You can cause some disease or you may become the most boring person.

2. Work in proper light

The vast majority of the bloggers overlook the lightning condition. Few of them work oblivious room which is needless excess for your eyes. The splendor of PC screen impacts our eyes gravely. Attempt to make a harmony between PC splendor and room light. Attempt to work in normal light by opening windows of your room or by switching on the lights that are in your room or office. Don’t avoid this; it will affect your eyes badly.

3. Make a good working environment

If you are working in the office, then you don’t have to face many problems because office environment is always good for work. But if you are working from home then you have to create a working environment. You have to create a comfort environment where no one can disturb you; you should keep away yourself from your home life till you are working. It’s better to hang a DND note on the door of your room, and then you can start working properly.

4. Blink your eyes

Try to blink your eyes as much as you can. Working more than 10 hours daily causes dryness of eyes. Blinking helps them to get wet. It is medically approved that blinking eyes can wetness. You can also use soft eye drops, you should consult a good eye specialist time to time. And best to all you can use the specs while working on the computer. It will almost protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the computer.

5. Remove all the complications

Attempt to make your room surroundings working. Try not to muddle up your home existence with your professional life. In the event that any diverting component present in your room, attempt to uproot it out. Attempt to clean your room and make it work agreeable.

Because if your room is set to a good working environment, then it will helps you a lot in writing new unique and impressive content. Good working environment plays a great role in well written blog.

6. Install a board

Install a whiteboard to plan all the further events. It is better to note all the important things that you have to do in coming week or month. Try to make a to-do list on this board. So that they always remind you what to do next, what are left to be getting done and all. And this board can be used as a presentation board to explain any complicated things to your clients.

7. Keep your mobile away from you

This is important to keep your mobile away from yourself when you are in writing mode. A ring on phone or push notifications will break your concentration. And mobile phone is the most distracting thing I have ever found. Not only have mobile phones you also need to avoided social networking sites while you are writing something. Because they are also more distracting, if you have visit any of the social site once while working then it is harder to get back on your work with the same spirit.

These are the basic advice for you as a blogger or for a professional blogger. Always keep in mind these thing while writing a blog, you will found your blog new and unique. That’s it, now your turn; if you want to give an important advice for professional blogger, mention it on the comment section. I would love to hear that.

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