7 Prolific Tips to Drive Higher Conversions with a Riveting Landing Page

You might have got your marketing all set with paid search ads, Facebook ads and well-optimized web pages. These factors have altogether helped your site generate colossal traffic.

Despite your site is getting potential traffic, somehow, it is not benefiting your business. What could be the probable reasons? Is it because your marketing strategy doesn’t work appropriately? Or, something else is behind it?

It will not be wise to straight away conclude that your marketing strategies are inefficient. Rather, it is advisable to kick around and determine what your visitors do when they get through the ads. Here, an impressive landing page is imperative to persuade them to accomplish an action that you actually want them to perform.


If you are seeking ideas to develop a compelling and intriguing landing page that can heighten the conversions of your site, you must read the below mentioned tips.

  1. Consistent and flawless UX

The user experience is paramount if you want to impress your potential audience and keep them engaged to perform some action. Therefore, your visitors must be able to seamlessly access the site. To ensure a smooth experience, there must be some consistency in the design of the advertisement to the destination page. The persistent flow of actions between the message, layout and the entire tone of the landing page can help users to conveniently interact with the interface and add to the conversion rate.

  1. Representing the products in context on the landing page

By showcasing the way your product can be used by your potential customers and the way its usage will enhance their life, you can entice your visitors and influence them to perform actions. You can represent how your products or services can benefit users and eradicate the issues. This can be efficiently done by focusing over how your offerings can help users and representing it along with preeminent images.

  1. Feature your conspicuous customers on the landing page

Most of the people get inspired by the successful companies. If you are catering to the needs of popular and successful customers, include them on your landing page. If your audience knows them and have a positive review for them, it will help create a sense of reliability among your visitors and thus, help drive them to convert.

  1. Clean and Clear Call to Action

The Call to Action (CTA) is certainly what you want your visitors to perform. It could be Sign Up, Shop Now, Add to Cart, Contact Us, etc. All these actions will leverage your business and help you generate greater sales and profits. Therefore, it is something that must be asked in the most riveting and compelling fashion; and, it is always recommended to integrate only one CTA, because multiple option will only distract your visitors.

Tips for proficiently designing CTA buttons:

  • While it should appear like a click-able button, it should not be displayed multiple times on a visually distinct and centralized section.
  • If you have multiple CTAs (however, it is better to have only one), make sure that your primary CTA creates more emphasis.
  • Make it appear visually appealing with some relevant and attention-grabbing images.
  1. To accentuate user’s interest, offer demos and free trials

It is a natural human tendency to get attracted towards schemes and plans that boasts the magic word ‘Free’. Thus, it can be concluded that the things, which prove to benefit us in some way or the other while appearing captivating, are the one upon which we end up delving deep into.

With this thought in mind, offering free trials and demos can help you convince your users in a great way.

  1. Organize your landing page with the preeminent info only

A cluttered and unorganized landing page can distract visitors. Thus, it is better to keep it uncluttered and include only the relevant info that can entice your visitors and encourage them to complete action.

You can ensure a simple interface by considering the following points.

  • If you want to share info about your company, it would be better to keep it under the “About” tab, rather than including on the landing page.
  • Analyze and determine whether your landing page needs a navigation bar or not. Since, navigation bar can distract your visitors from CTA buttons, it is better to either completely eradicate the navigation bar or minimize it to make it appear less enticing than CTA.
  1. Share the whopping numbers of customers

You can generate a desire among your visitors to proceed further and accomplish an action by prominently displaying the total number of customers (who have signed up for your services or products) on the landing page. This can make them feel that they are missing something, which their peers (or competitors) are reaping benefits of, and thus, ultimately influence them to commit an action.

Wrapping Up

There is no point of fishing without using a net, since some fish may land on your hook, but you can’t drag it to yourself. Similarly, Marketing without having an intuitive and an impressive landing page won’t benefit your business. If you are serious about heightening your conversion rate and sales, you must design a clear and compelling landing page. You may implement the aforementioned tips to achieve your goals with a greater precision.

Author Bio – Mike swan is professional WordPress developer and helps users in converting PSD to wordpress theme services. He loves to share his experiences in web design and web development trends.

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