10 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser that is created by the global non-profit and dedicated to putting individuals in the control online. It sets the benchmark for web browsers.

In the last few days a new version was released to the public. It was the version 43.0 of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which brought in the couple of changes and security fixes.

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Here I am going to discuss about many of the Firefox add-ons. There are so many add-ons; some of them are for everyone and you can use them as the default add-on but here are many of the add-ons in the web developer category and they are actually only for the webmasters. Here I am going to list the best Firefox add-ons for making web development easier.

  1. Firebug


 Firebug is the most popular and powerful tool for web development, which enable you to play around with the HTML and CSS elements of the pages in the real time. With this you will get the JavaScript debugging tool that is implemented in your browser that will blow the socks off from the anything else that is out there. Get analysis of the specific parts of the site or you can grab some additional Firebug plugins to extend the functionality.

  1. Ghostery


Ghostery gives you the faster, safer and cleaner browsing experience. With this add-on you can get the content that you want and also controls your data.

Do you ever wonder that how many 3rd party websites are able to track your information online, on any give website? I am sure you do, especially after the entire Edward Snowden thing exploded. Ghostery allows you to see which sites and trackers are collecting data about you, on any given page. With this you can learn and you can also block any of the sites that you don’t want to be tracking you.

  1. Flagfox


At first it may appear like an add-on that gives just the data of a country where the particular site is hosted, yet it’s very more than that. Subsequent to clicking the flag icon alongside the URL of any given site, you access a settings dropdown, from which you can do things like ping, whois, translate, virus scan, etc.

It is quite useful for those who are into the security parts of the web development, and making it easier to learn about a website straight away.

  1. Web Developer


This is one of my favorite Firefox add-on as far as the web development goes. It has got nearly million users, and after installing it you can get the custom navigation bar that is added to your browser within which you will find dozens of the incredibly useful web development tools.

With this add-on you can manage CSS, forms, HTML, measures the length of the pages and specific parts, you can lively edit the pages and many more.

  1. User Agent Switcher


It’s realized that a few sites require a user agent specialists to be gotten to, there are additionally the periodic site that permits unknown review in light of a particular program search engines, in most cases. So this tool comes in convenient every once in a while. You can indicate your own, or select from a rundown of pre-configured ones.

User Agent Switcher extensions basically add a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.

  1. ColorZilla


ColorZilla is one of the tools that are used for the background patter generators; it will give you the access to manipulating the colors of any webpage. You can select any given text and have the add-on that gives you the color code for it. It is pretty smooth and can prove to be of good use in many situations.

As the name defined it is use for proving the color effects in the development. It is basically an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator and other colorful goodies. With this tool you can get the color reading from any point in your browser.

  1. iMacros


iMacros can do almost everything when it comes to automating a task. If you are doing the development from the browser a lot then it can take away the strain of having two types of the same things over and over again. Just make a macro and it is done. It is also great for scraping and gathering the data together, the things which might require separate scripting.

iMacros provides you many features such as web testing, social scripting or bookmarking, data extraction, etc.

  1. ColorfulTabs


 I personally found this add-on helpful. At first, you realize it might have potential. But once you have started using it, it becomes something of an essential tool that needs to be added to your daily workflow. No longer have you needed to worry about switching the wrong tabs or quitting the wrong pages. Assign the specific colors to the specific types of pages and watch how it unfolds in a much easier and efficient workflow.

  1. JavaScript Debugger


You might not require the extension that Firebug can give, so this JavaScript debugger is an awesome different option for those developers who do a great deal of coding from inside of the program.

The main aim of this add-on is that it provides a powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Mozilla based browsers.

  1. Live HTTP Headers


Live HTTP Headers can tell you about the pages more than you initially can think. Back in the days, it used to be a very famous add-on that script kiddies and web hackers alike would like use to manipulate poorly written scripts. Good old spam days. You never know which you might need to grab some header information; definitely hold on to this add-on. With this add-on you can view the HTTP headers of the pages while browsing.

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