10 Fresh Resources For Web Developers January 2016

The days of writing your own javascript and  CSS are long gone; nowadays many mobile and desktop applications are now built with the help of powerful (and free) CSS and JavaScript libraries. Yes, you will still need to write your own code once in a while, but the bulk of the work should just be integration. Besides from the well know web technologies and libraries, here are a handful of lesser know but useful and powerful JavaScript and CSS libraries you can use for your next development project.

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ProgressJS is a lightweight, simple, customizable library of javascript and CSS that allows you to add progress bars to any items on your website. This library is very easy to use; simply add an HTML and a CSS snippet to your code.

Flat Slider


Flat Slider is a web tool that makes customizing the jQuery UI style, which was once a very scary task but now it is a lot easier.  With this tool you can change the orientation: horizontally and vertically. You can also change the background color with this tool.

Utility Open Type


Utility Open Type is a collection of drop-in classes to apply advanced CSS typographic features such as font ligatures, small capital letter and a lot more. They basically give the best possible reading experience for your users in fine details. It works nicely in older, unsupported browser.



StickyStack is a jQuery plugin that creates a stacking effect by sticking boards as they reach to the top of the viewport. It is a lightweight plugin with the few options to configure the page container, stack section, as well as the box shadow of the stacks. You can check out the demo here.



ResponsifyJS is a creative javascript plugin that makes images in on your webpage responsive by scaling it in a way that keeps the focal point relevant. It allows you to define the focus area on an image using data-focus-xxx tag. It is very lightweight JavaScript library that you can use to set coordinates to maintain the image focus while it is being resized



 Colorify is the lightweight JavaScript that allows you to extract the colors from the images and then allow you to manipulate them. With the help of this tool, you can manipulate the plain color image into a beautiful image. Colorify.js will provide the spice up in your design. You can also generate the gradients that are based on the color of images.



Viewer is the jQuery plugin for image light box. This is the plugin that comes with an amazing option that allows you to customize the every bit of the lightbox interface.The Viewer also provides the set of APIs and custom Events for total control over the lightbox response and behavior. This is the tool that provides methods such as view, zoom, rotate, flip, show, hide etc.



DeviceMock is a JavaScript library that permits you to make device frames or mockups, for example, a phone, a tablet and a desktop. Similarly, the library provides choices to set the theme color of the frame, the size, and additionally the frame orientation.



BookBlock is a unique jQuery plugin that will create booklet-like components that lets you navigate all its items just by flipping the pages. Its beautifully designed component that lets you display multiple images or other elements on your website.



Alertify.JS is the simplest way to add beautiful and smooth dialogs to your project. It is very lightweight and cross browser compatible. Alertify.JS comes with a simple and well-documented API to help you set up in no time.


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