Mockplus, A Brilliant Prototyping Tool to Visualize Your Ideas

As a UX/UI designer, what kind of design style do you prefer? Maximalism or Minimalism? To me, undoubtedly, it is the later, Minimalism. Simple elements can really creat brilliant designs. But, the precondition is that you must have a brilliant idea. Most of the time, it is the idea that really matters. As a designer, what you need to do is to visualize the idea in your brain on the paper or screen. The rest of the work goes to the developer. Just like building a house, the designer makes the draft, while, builders do the construction accordingly.


Today, I would like to recommend you a new-born, simple yet powerful UX prototyping design tool. Yep, it is Mockplus, an application developed by a smart team from the orient. It is just the one for you to visualize your idea easily and quickly, even though you have little knowledge of coding and programming. Of course, if you are a designer or developer who knows how to code, such a feature will also save you from worrying about codes getting messed up somewhere and going through each line one by one just to find where that errant code is.

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Simple Concept


When you open the application, you will surely attracted by the clean and simple interfaces of Mockplus. There are not many buttons there to divert your attention. According to the CEO of Mockplus team, he want the product to help designers focus on design itself rather than the tool. Their slogan, “You Ideas: Elaborate; Our Tool: Simple”, makes it much more understandable to convey his product concept.

As I mentioned, Mockplus is quite simple and free of training. It is pretty easy to learn. You will know when you see it. This is also reflecting the product concept. No one would like to use complex tool if he or she can achieve it by a simple one.

Mockplus provides you with more than 400 icons, with even more coming soon. It is more than enough to create your prototype. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Besides, almost 200 pre-designed components let you work even faster and easier.


Mockplus is also an all-in-one tool which allows you to create not only mobile apps, but web and desktop apps as well.  This also lets you save money since you don’t have to use other tools to accomplish each purpose.

Cool Functions

Now, let me introduce you some cool functions that Mockplus endows.


If you want to insert image into your prototype, you just need to drag and drop the image component and double click the component to import images directly from Google and Flickr without downing it to the local.


If you want create interactive link between two pages, what you need to do is just to drag link from one page and drop to the other one. It quite easy and fast, only needing two seconds.


If you want to preview your design work. Don’t worry, Mockplus also support preview on the real mobile phone. After design your prototype, just click the mobile phone icon at the top side, the screen will generate a QR code. Scanning the QR code with your mobile phone and you can preview your work on it. However, before this, please make sure that your mobile phone and computer are connected to the same LAN and on the same network segment.

Powerful Interactives

It is said that the team plan to launch their new 2.1 version app very soon. The new version is reported that more powerful dynamic interactives will be added such as window pops, slider images, context switching, rolling interfaces, etc.. Wow, I am already flipped and can hardly wait to try the new one.

Where to find a simple yet powerful design tool at such a reasonable cost? If you are looking for such a tool, why not give it a try? Try out Mockplus right now and you will definitely love it.


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