9 Best Portfolio WordPress Plugins

If you are a professional then you absolutely need a portfolio that completely describes you and your skills. You may be the best at your profession, but if you are failing to display your work to potential clients and employers, you are missing out. So how can you spotlight your work?

You have two options for a spectacular portfolio. You can either use the portfolio theme or get a portfolio plugin. If you don’t prefer any of the portfolio themes or simply don’t want to change your current theme, then using a portfolio plugin is for you.

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The plugins listed below are some of the best WordPress plugins available. They are packed with the useful features and are very simple to use. And they  will give you a very professional and beautiful online portfolio that will impress your potential clients and employers. Here are the 9 best portfolio WordPress plugins for your website.

  1. Portfolio Gallery

9 Best Portfolio WordPress Plugins

This is a standout amongst the most adaptable portfolio plugins on the list, and it’s the one I use. It gives seven remarkable perspectives that showcase your portfolio as a responsive gallery. You can choose from the following view:

  • Blocks Toggle Up/Down
  • Full Height Blocks
  • Gallery/Content Pop Up
  • Full Width Blocks
  • FAQ Toggle Up/Down
  • Content Slider
  • Lightbox Gallery

All of these options will display your work in a clean, unassuming fashion. The interface is very intuitive and looks great with any of the WordPress theme.

For adding more projects, you can simply add the video slide and images and enter the details of the projects. All you have to do is paste a line of short code on the page of your choice, and after this you will get the shiny new portfolio.

The free version has everything that you need to get started and customize your portfolio. But if you want a higher level of customization then you have to go for the paid version that is ranged from the $40 to $100, it gives many new options.

  1. Go Portfolio


Go Portfolio offers a full set of features and design options for a little $23. The percent based grid layout provides an appealing touch to any site. Go Portfolio is the plugin that comes with the four default styles:

  • Google Web Font Support
  • Customizable Vertical Spaces
  • Customizable Horizontal Spaces
  • Plethora of other useful features

The admin panel gives you all the options that you could ask for. You can have unlimited portfolios and custom post types with this plugin.

You can modify anything to your heart’s content and tailor it to your necessities. It’s incredible for organizations and people alike, regardless of your industry or specialty. In case you’re searching for a powerful portfolio plugin that gives you alternatives in abundance, then Go Portfolio is effortlessly justified regardless of the $23.

  1. Career Portfolio


Career Portfolio is an up to date and grid based portfolio plugin. It is a fully responsive design that supports short code for easy setup. The free version of this plugin will come out with one layout style and one full screen viewer style, which is very good if you are looking for a simple portfolio. It looks great and it is ideal for everyone from writers to designers.

The paid version of Career Portfolio that is range from $30 to $50 offers several other benefits:

  • 3 layout styles
  • Category filtration
  • Design and Options customization
  • Custom CSS and JS
  • Social sharing
  • Short code support

So if you like the look and want to be able to customize it more, jumping for the paid version is a smart investment.

  1. Behance Portfolio Manager


In case you’re a Behance user, dealing with your portfolio just got a whole lot easier. This clever portfolio plugin offers you some assistance with integrating Behance projects on your WordPress site and permits you to manage everything from the Behance interface.

It is a clean, minimalistic layout that is grid based out but not heavy or unnatural. It is responsive and swift, allowing viewers to easily navigate your portfolio.

The plugin offers categorization, tab customization, custom styling, and more. It is a wonderful plugin that’s a Behance user’s dream.

Behance Portfolio Manager provides the lots of features for customizing project presentation on your website. Some of the key features are:

  • Responsive project view
  • Categorization of projects
  • Tab customization for the Mosaic/Grid view
  • Add custom styles in the project view
  1. Nimble Portfolio by Nimble3


Nimble Portfolio offers a genuine gallery for representing your projects. It is a user friendly, responsive design based around the grid of frames.

You have a considerable measure of space to play around with this plugin, since you can change almost everything. You can pick thumbnail styles; sort extends, and inserts recordings or PDF reviews. Its adaptability is a strong plus that makes it perfect for pretty much everybody.

Nimble Portfolio also offers several premium add-ons, including various skins and Lightbox options. It is one of the most full featured free portfolio plugins available.

It has various features:

  • Support for all post types and taxonomies
  • Custom post type for portfolio items
  • Built in gallery
  • Support social channels
  • Easy categorization
  • Short code generator
  1. Aeolus Creative Portfolio


Aeolus is the perfect portfolio plugin for the new users or beginners who want an impressive podium for their work. With this plugin you can display your work in parallel showcase or as thumbnails in a column showcase.

It’s completely responsive and accompanies boundless colors so you can change it to your preferring. Another huge in addition is the drag and drop interface of the admin panel, which makes customization a breeze.

For a free plugin, Aeolus has some of the best features available. If you like the parallel showcase, this is the portfolio plugin for you. It provides you the modern look and feel that you are looking for.

  1. Waving Portfolio


Waving portfolio is another grid based portfolio that uses the short codes for the customization process. With this plugin it is very simple to add the projects, and viewers can filter from the end using category buttons. The viewer can click on your project to see a pop up with more details. It is a great option for creative’s who want the no fuss approach to their portfolio.

You can choose from a light or dark skin and can customize the sizes or dimensions of the portfolio items. If you need a portfolio to use regularly that this is best for you because it doesn’t require the complicated maintenance. According to me Waving Portfolio is the solid option to opt for.

If you want to see the demo, you can check out that.

  1. Awesome Filterable Portfolio


Awesome Filterable Portfolio gives you the exactly unique filterable portfolio that shows off your work in style. This plugin comes with animations and image hover effects that add some energy to your portfolio. It allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish a very modern and outstanding filterable portfolio that can be filtered using smart and easy tools.

You can easily order portfolio categories and items and configure the animation properties. It’s an intuitive option for artists or photographers who want to display their images in the wonderful mode.

  1. Portfolio by BestWebSoft


Another tackle a perfect grid based design, BestWebSoft’s Portfolio plugin is a free choice that gives a few elements so you can customize your portfolio. It allows you to create a page that contains the information about your previous projects.

You can modify various elements, such as image size and labels. The result is a dynamic portfolio that nicely presents your work. While it is not that much responsive but it is hassle free and user friendly.

The paid version of this is ranged at $25 which offers additional functionalities, including categorization and extended support. The free version is a good way to start building your professional portfolio.

It has many features from which some of them are listed below:

  • Create template with page navigation
  • Regenerate thumbnails
  • Change image size and also number of images
  • Edit labels of additional fields

The best feature is its technical support, if you are facing any problem while using this plugin you can simply ask them about your issue; they will resolve it as soon as they can.


Now we are living in the world where every field is growing more competitive by the hour, an outstanding portfolio will make your work shine and attract more potential clients. Use the plugins mentioned here to showcase your work in an engaging, professional style, and potential employers and customers will definitely be impressed.


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