Want A Proper Programming Style? Here Are Rules You Need To Follow

Irrespective of whether you’re an amateur or a professional programmer, following a proper programming style allows you to increase the functionality of the software product. Plus, you can also ensure a visible reduction in the occurrence of software disasters. Today, through this post I’ll be making you familiar with some of the best rules that help you in attaining a better programming style. So, let’s get on to exploring the same.


  1. Utmost readability of code

For a code to be readable and understandable, it needs to be formatted in a consistent manner. Plus, it should also use meaningful names for all the functions and variables with concise and accurate comments. It is important for you to make a clear note of all the tricky sections included within the code. You must be clear on the reasons as to why the software program will work and why it should work smoothly under all conceivable scenarios.

  1. Following the right naming conventions is mandatory

When to come to naming the classes, functions and variables, you need to follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Make sure to capitalize the first letter of a particular class name Want a proper programming style? Here are rules you need to follow
  • Use capitalization for separating multi-word names
  • Capitalize the names of constants and use underscores for separating the words
  • Make sure the first letter of a particular function or variable name is in lowercase.
  • Pay attention to the correct use of abbreviations. For example, use max instead of maximum.
  1. Use of white spaces is necessary

Although white spaces are meaningless for compilers, you can use them for improving the code readability. For instance, you can opt for leaving three blank lines between the functions. Also, you can use individual blank lines within the functions for separating the critical code sections.

  1. Proper maintainability of code must be ensured

You need to write the code in a manner that it is quite straightforward for a different programmer to make moderations to its functionality or fix bugs. Make sure to keep the functions general with all the key values being marked as constants that can be changed in the desired manner. All in all, the code must be robust and capable of handling any kind of input, followed by delivering the expected result without crashing.

  1. Easy-to-understand comments must be included within the code

Comments should be meaningful and clearly explain everything about the software program. While the volume of comments doesn’t matter, quality does. You must use /* comments*/ style for writing the comments, ensuring that they are included towards the top of every source file. Additionally, you can also opt for including your name, the date on which code was written and a brief description of the actual purpose of using the program. You must ensure that the block comments precede a majority of functions along with a good description of the function’s purpose. However, you may also opt for omitting the block comments for some obvious functions. The format that needs to be followed for writing inline comments is //comments.

  1. Proper usage of function is necessary

Each and every function included within the code snippet must be short and capable of accomplishing a specific task. You need to consider functions as “black boxes” which are independent and can handle almost any type of input efficiently. Never forget the rule of thumb i.e. “Ten Line Rule” which means that a function which is typically longer than ten lines can do a lot more and needs to be simplified in the most refined way. Not to forget, any repeated segments of the code must be drafted into a separate function. Doing this will shorten the length of program and improve its readability by great bounds and leaps.

  1. Code needs to be indented well

Indentation plays a vital role in marking the control flow within a software program. Every new while, for, if or switch structure will introduce a block which has been indented in the best manner. This is feasible also in case the brackets have been omitted for the one line statements. For instance, in case of if statements, the corresponding else statements must be lined up.

Wrapping Up

Writing software programs can turn to be a fun activity if you’re well familiar with the accurate programming style. Hope the above post would have enabled you to get acquainted with the rules that can allow you to adhere to a fabulous programming style.

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Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, a custom mobile application development company which delivers most comprehensive mobile application solutions for different industry verticals. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.

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