6 Best Tools for Java Programmers

Every Java programmer has set of tools to get through office challenges. Over the years, Java programmers are using number of software to get their work done. There are tons of useful software and tools available for Java programmers. Beginner developers have difficulty to finding the right tools and they end up wasting lot of time in looking for the right tool. Today we have listed seven must have tools for Java developers.

1. Notepad++:


Notepad++ is the best tool to edit xml, scripts and even to simply making notes. The best part of this tool is, every document you open on Notepad++, it remains there even when you close it. It helps in accidental deletion of important notes. It can be used as comparing plugin that you can use to compare codes. This is the best alternative option to Notepad app.

2. XML Marker:


XML Marker is very important tool for Java developers. It is the best software tool for getting the job done. XML Marker is designed in very easy-to-use manner. You can navigate from top level to lowest level of elements in element pane. The top panel has elements that help you access important features. This is a paid software.

3. SQL Developer:


This is another easy-to-use tool for database administrators and managers. You can connect to database and SQL statements using this tool. It doesn’t feature fancy functions like Toad but, this is good enough to get the job done. SQL Developer is a free tool by Oracle. The only downside of this tool is, you require JDK in order to use this.

4. Jad:


Jad is used for decompiling Java class. You can just fire jad commands and read codes in form of plain text. There is little advance version of Java classes, where you need to use jar file that lacks documentation. This rarely happens but, if somebody has messed up with the source code. You need to recompile the full system before you provide a patch. It is very hard to find the source as the full inventory is missing. JAD helps in such situations. You can laverage the simplicity of GUI version of JAD and get things done in no time.

5. Eclipse:


Some people simply love Eclipse while, there is a group of people who prefer to stick to Notepad. You can use notepad but, there are quite a few cases where Eclipse plays better role. Navigation in eclipse is very simple. You just need to know the basic stuff and you are good to go. Eclipse is the most preferred Java IDE choice.

6. Keytool:


Keytool is part of JDK by Oracle. You need challenging work environment if you are using this tool actively. Keytool is rarely used tool in the development environment. However, if you are handling enterprise level applications, this is the best key and certificate management tool.


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