How to Convert MBOX to PDF by using third party MBOX to PDF Converter Software

Hello guys, I am here to share my views and experience about how I converted my multiple MBOX files emails into Adobe PDF document format.

First I would like to tell something about MBOX files and its supported applications – MBOX files are simple and plain text files which contains whole mailbox data. MBOX are mailbox format, there are some emails clients which used to save their emails into MBOX files like in.mbox and out.mbox.

“MBOX files supported applications – Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Spicebird, Postbox, Turnpike, Mac Mail and many more.”

Few months back I was working on a project where I got lot of emails and almost all emails were having .MBOX files and every file was important for me and also my project was completely based on PDF. So I need to convert all information into PDF format.


As we all know that PDF is a document format which is read by the free software of Adobe Acrobat. So my challenge was how I can convert MBOX fileto PDF format which seems like next to impossible. After lot of google searching and surfing I didn’t get what I was exactly looking for.Then one of my student suggested me to use third party tool and yes why not I got that idea.Then I used MBOX to PDF Converter software which I found from google search.Official site of this software is you can download the demo version of this software for your satisfaction. I have also done the same thing, using this free version I have convert first 20 emails of MBOX files. After using demo version of software I have decided to buy full licensed version of software.

Benefits of this MBOX to PDF Converter software which I found very useful are –

Save MBOX to PDF in batch, it has a capability to convert multiple MBOX files to PDF format without any data loss.  Just keep all the MBOX files in one folder and browse that folder to software “Add Folder…..” option.

Support to convert MBOX files from all MBOX supported platforms – this tool is all set to convert MBOX files from multiple platforms like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Netscape, Bat, SeaMonkey, postbox, Spicebird, etc.

Software retains all the rich-text formatting during the conversion process, emails header formatting retains as it is, emails body formatting retains as it is.

It has two options to save attached documents, first if you can easily save the attached files along with PDF file or you can also save the attached files in one separated folder. It will keep attachments into their original formats.

Software also provide you multiple options of file renaming so that users can easily rename the converted file as per their need.

Software is completely based on Windows OS, you can install and run this software on any Windows OS based machine including Windows 10.

I have used this software and trust me it is very simple and easy user graphical interface, even non-technical user can also operate this software very well. This tool is just a recommendation, give a try to this tool and if you like it then buy it which is quite enough.


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